Making Your Web and Social Media Strategy Work

The need for implementing a social media strategy is now  recognized as an integral communications strategy for most organization. Where the process becomes really interesting is what format should it take and where  should you concentrate your efforts.  There is effort involved but mostly at the planning stage, and it has to be an iterative process as you continually measure and improve your presence. For example some large organizations like Dell and Research in Motion have surprisingly small but highly effective social media teams which evolved out of a necessity to be where their customers were  in the social media space.

The key to having a successful and effective social media strategy is to understand your customer base, which communities they frequent and how they prefer to interact with your organization. Similarly you need to develop social media awareness internally and implement processes and policies that optimize the interaction with your customers.

Zanka Consulting can help you understand your environment through an analysis of your existing and potential communications channels and work with your team in developing the best integrated social media strategy for you and your customers. insert

Our Services

Web Analytics

Understanding your visitor behaviour is paramount to you website’s success. most websites now have Google Analytics installed, but being able to understand and action items through the analysis of the data is a challenge. Our expertise has been developed over the last 10 years in not only implementing but analyzing traffic and making actionable recommendations as well as being able to measure the success of the changes.

Web Design Services

Zanka Consulting helps organizations to develop effective web strategies If you are a small business we can recommend cost effective solutions through our Web Design Services.

Social Media Audit – a place to start

Knowing what you have, what people are doing on your website and what is happening in your social media space is an important starting point or benchmark for your organization. It provides very valuable insights to the source of your visitors as well as what they are doing on your website.

A comprehensive audit places everything in context. Context is a powerful concept and it makes seemingly disparate events logical. And so it is with a website audit, organizational objectives and strategies play an important part in understanding visitor behaviour as well as cross impacts from other channels.

Key Performance Indicators – the key to ROI

The old axiom “you can’t improve what you can’t measure” is still as valid in the web world as it ever was. The only frustrating part is that there is so much data that making sense of it is a demanding chore. Fortunately if you have completed an audit, your critical success factors have also been identified. From these, realistic Key Performance Indicators can be developed which enable you and your management team to easily track the success and ROI of your website.

Web Performance Monitoring – tracking your success

Zanka Consulting helps organizations and businesses manage and measure the impact of social media on their organizations:

1)    Establish effective Social Media metrics;

2)    Link social media channel activity to website conversions;

3)    Determine the Return on Investment (ROI);

4)    Track and improve your website performance.

Whether you are responsible for marketing communications, customer support or website development, we can help you understand the impact your social media initiatives are having on your website.

If your organization doesn’t have the resources to maintain a dedicated web analyst, Zanka Consulting can develop regular monthly or quarterly visitor behaviour reports that will help you understand what is happening on your website and identify specific areas that may need further analysis. We will develop customized reports tailored to your specific requirements with access to an analyst who can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

Is your website Social Media Ready?

Together we can build a foundation for your social media initiative. Contact us for more information.